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Advanced technologies giving fruits new value

"Natural foods, pure nourishment for your well-being"

Innovations for Life Srl was founded in 2016 with the primary objective of conducting research and development activities to valorise citrus by-products and create high quality products with high added value, initially, the company focused on the wholesale trade wholesale of citrus derivates, intended for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.
During 2022, Innovations for Life Srl launched the VITALFRUIT® brand with great success, a line of natural juices specially developed to meet the different needs of the various market segments, including large-scale retail trade (GDO) and the sector Ho. re. ca.
The latest innovation introduced by Innovations for Life Srl is the line of powdered preparations CiokShell, which represents a significant novelty in the sector of semi-finished powdered products for cocoa-flavored confectionery products, these preparations, based on a patent developed by the Department of Science Agricultural, Forestry and Food industries of the University of Turin, find application in the production of ice creams, puddings and cocoa drinks, both on an industrial and artisanal level, and also in the domestic environment.
CiokShell stands out for its choice of using natural ingredients, in particular the ground peel of the cocoa beans, which is particularly rich in fibres, this allows you to enrich your final products with fibres, making the products healthier and thus helping to enhance cocoa by-products within the circular economy.
Innovations for Life Srl is strongly committed to the search for new solutions to constantly improve the quality of its products, which are not only tasty, but also beneficial for the health of consumers.

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Dr. Gabriele Crisafulli

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CEO & Founder

Dr.ssa Ferdinanda Corica

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Administrative Head

Dr. Gianluca Crisafulli

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commercial manager

Avv. Alessandro Cattafi

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Chief legal


Advanced technologies giving fruits new value

Registered office: Viale della Libertà 26, 98054
- Furnari (Me) - Italy - Phone: +39 3451321665


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