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A powdered cocoa ice cream powder mix
under development

What is  

Ciokshell is a powdered cocoa ice cream mix under development, patented , developed in the laboratories of the Department of Agricultural, Forestry and Food Sciences of the University of Turin and owned by the University itself.

We are proud to offer a unique and innovative product, the result of research and development by our experts.

Our mix is composed of natural ingredients, including roasted and ground cocoa bean shells.

Cocoa bean shells are often discarded in cocoa processing, but we use them to increase the nutritional value of the final product, which is rich in fibers that help reduce the fat content in ice cream.

In addition, our approach to valorizing cocoa bean shells is part of a circular economy perspective, where we recover and valorize a byproduct to create a healthier product.

Ciokshell mix is suitable for both industrial and artisanal and home use.

At the moment, there is no similar mix on the market and the demand for low-fat ice creams with a similar structure to traditional ice cream is becoming stronger.

The mix consists of a blend of powder ingredients, including cocoa and sugar, and possibly thickeners and flavors, in varying percentages.

The consumer/user must add cow's milk or plant-based milk, and possibly sugar and/or cream, to obtain the desired final product.

"Market launch from 2024" 

+ Fibers  - Fats

Advanced technologies giving citrus fruits new value

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Why it is so Innovative

Our innovative chocolate ice cream powder is the perfect choice for creating a delicious and healthy ice cream. 
Whether you want to produce homemade, artisanal or industrial ice cream, it offers you the possibility of obtaining a high-quality product.
We use high-quality cocoa bean powder to create a unique and delicious ice cream, the presence of fibers in the powder allows us to reduce the fat content of the ice cream without compromising the softness, thus offering a tasty and nutritious option for consumers.
In addition, the presence of fibers increases resistance to melting, ensuring perfect consistency in every bite, with a consequent reduction of the caloric power, while preserving the softness; as the structuring and softening activity of the fats is carried out by the fibers of the shell, with a significant reduction of the final energy value of the ice cream.
Our chocolate ice cream powder is the perfect solution to satisfy your palate and take care of your well-being.

The kit for the preparation and storage of homemade cocoa ice cream includes:

• Powder mix for cocoa ice cream
•  Preservation tray in isotheRmal material in extruded expanded polystyrene

Our home-made chocolate ice cream preparation and storage kit is the perfect solution for creating delicious and healthy ice cream right at home. 
With our high-quality powder preparation and insulated storage tray, you can create a unique and delicious ice cream in just a few minutes.
The preparation is suitable for home production and is provided in a predefined quantity in a bag, which is in turn contained in a compostable material tray suitable for holding the ice cream.
In this way, the consumer will only have to add the milk of their preferred type (whole, skimmed, partially skimmed, vegetable, etc.) and produce the ice cream, using the storage tray in the freezer.
Don't wait any longer, buy our home-made chocolate ice cream preparation and storage kit, available at major supermarkets. Start enjoying a delicious and healthy homemade ice cream right now!

+ Fibers  - Fats

"Market launch from 2024"
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Dr. Gabriele Crisafulli

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 pRoject manager di CiokSHELL

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Avv Alessandro Cattafi

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Advanced technologies giving citrus fruits new value

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