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A powder mix for patented cocoa ice cream

We are pleased to introduce an exceptional patented powdered mix for Cocoa Ice cream, a one-of-a-kind product.
This innovative standard has been developed in the laboratories of the Department of Agricultural, Forestry, and Food Sciences at the University of Turin, an academic excellence in the field of food research.

The powdered mix offers the possibility to create high-quality cocoa ice cream, both industrially and artisanally, and even conveniently at home.
It has been carefully formulated using ground roasted cocoa bean husks, which not only impart an intense flavor but also provide a significant fiber content, enriching the nutritional value of the final ice cream.

To prepare cocoa ice cream, simply add skimmed milk and fresh cream to the powdered mix, and with a few simple steps, you will obtain a delicious ice cream with the perfect desired consistency.

What is  

Rich in fibers

Advanced technologies giving fruits new value

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Why it is so Innovative

Thanks to the powder obtained from grinding cocoa bean husks, and the fiber content it provides, it is possible to reduce the fat content in the ice cream, resulting in a decrease in its caloric value while maintaining its smoothness.

The structuring and softening activity typically performed by fatty substances is carried out by the fiber in the husks, leading to a significant reduction in the overall energy value of the ice cream.

Additionally, the ice cream is enriched with fiber, which has clear positive nutritional benefits for the consumer.

Simultaneously, the presence of fiber in the gelato enhances its resistance to melting, which is a quality factor of great interest, especially in artisanal products.

kit for the preparation and storage of homemade cocoa ice cream

Complete kit for the preparation and storage of homemade cocoa gelato, specifically designed for large organized retail (GDO), thanks to its fiber richness, with an impressive content of 17.1 g per 100 grams of mix. The kit includes:

• Powder mix for cocoa ice cream
 Preservation tray in isotheRmal material in extruded expanded polystyrene
Rich in fibers

Specially designed for homemade gelato production, our mix is carefully packaged in a 150g vacuum-sealed bag, which is the ideal quantity needed to make a perfect cocoa ice cream.

Offer your customers an extraordinary taste experience with our cocoa powder semi-finished product for ice cream, which contains a high fiber content of 17.1 g per 100 g, thanks to the valuable presence of cocoa bean husks.

With our product, specially formulated for ice cream parlors, you can offer exceptional cocoa ice cream without having to invest in expensive ingredients or dedicate too much time to preparation.

Preparing large quantities of artisan ice cream has never been easier! Thanks to our convenient 3 kg and 5 kg sizes, packaged in practical plastic jars, you can effortlessly meet your customers' demand.

The fibers present in the cocoa bean husk powder not only contribute to its high fiber content but also offer a structuring and softening effect, preserving the final ice cream's smoothness.

The simplicity of preparing ice cream with our cocoa powder semi-finished product is a significant advantage for your ice cream parlor. Simply mix our semi-finished product with liquid ingredients, such as skim milk and fresh cream, following the instructions on the product label.

Rich in fibers



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