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Sicily is renowned worldwide for its excellent citrus production, but behind this wealth lies a largely underappreciated treasure: Pastazzo, the residue from citrus squeezing.

This by-product, often regarded as waste, constitutes 60% of the oranges harvested annually on the island, equivalent to around 700,000 tons of unused material.

We participated in the semifinals of the 2020 Innovation Prizes, organized by EIT Food, with our project Citrus By Products.

This event recognizes the development of early-stage solutions that can help transform our food system, making it healthier and sustainable.

Using cutting-edge technologies, we proposed an innovative idea to extract high-value-added nutrients from Pastazzo, such as bioflavonoids and fibers. These extracts can find applications in the cosmetic, nutraceutical, and food sectors, thereby revealing the potential of citrus by-products to generate positive environmental and economic impacts.

Advanced technologies giving fruits new value


Advanced technologies giving fruits new value

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